Q: How do i know if my key has a transponder chip?

A: After 1995, a European Directive came into place enforcing the use of immobilisers on cars from new. This means most cars manufactured after 1998 have electronic chips in the heads of the key to disarm an immobiliser. You can’t always tell whether your particular key has a chip or not, without using special equipment. Some keys have a red or blue tab in the top, and some have just a plain plastic head with the chip embedded inside. The chances are that if you have a car built after 1998, it will have a chip. Some manufacturers, such as Volkswagen started bringing this technology in from as early as 1996.

How to identify your Duplicate key?

Filing cabinets and lockers most commonly use the 92 series which ranges from 92201-92400, this particular key series is manufactured by Lowe and Fletcher although this is the lock manufacturer many furniture brands in the Ireland use these locks.

With some Lowe and Fletcher locks and keys it is worth keeping in mind that there may only be 3 digits printed i.e. 201-400. This range is not limited to filing cabinets & lockers it is also associated with many manufacturers of metal office furniture, some of which can be found below.

Fast Keys provide a wide range of Duplicate keys, but it is always important to note that the more information you can provide us with the better. Numbers, manufacturers, letters etc, which can be anywhere on the furniture.

Q: What is a transponder chip?

A transponder chip is a small electronic chip embedded in the plastic head of the key, which responds to a signal sent out by the engine management system every time you turn the key in the ignition. If the response from the transponder chip is not correct, or it doesn’t reply with the message the engine management system was expecting, then the engine won’t start. If you have a key with no chip, or a chip that is not coded correctly, then it will open all the locks on the car, but the engine will not start.

Which key do I need?

Keysdirect can try and help you identify which key you need. Please check our keysdirect identification help page for more information so you can provide us with better information and we can get your keys to you.

Do you sell any other keys, which aren’t listed?

Yes. Keysdirect have access to thousands of different keys and keys related products, so please contact keysdirect if you can’t find your key.

Can I pay by cheque?

Yes if your order is over €100.00 and you cannot pay by credit / debit card or paypal then please email us with details of exactly what you would like to order (including key codes).

My dealership tells me that programming can only be done with their proprietary computers. How can you program my remote without their computers?

Only a small percentage of vehicles really need to be plugged into your dealership’s computers for keyless entry remote programming. Our engineers have reversed-engineered many of these proprietary procedures allowing our customers to program their remotes in the convenience of their own driveway.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes. For 10 or more keys you can upload a spreadsheet, word document or PDF containing a bulk list of key codes and receive discounted prices. Alternatively please contact us if you would like to discuss further.

How much is delivery?

See our Delivery Prices and Information page.

What if the key doesn’t work what should I do?

Firstly don’t force the key. If the key inserts but doesn’t turn and the lock has not been used for a period of time you can try applying some penetrating fluid (WD40) to the lock and wriggle the key from side to side to start the mechanism working. Otherwise please contact us for further help.